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Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items.

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Maximising retail potential with data & intelligence.

Not all features may be possible to support when implementing an integration.
Confirmation of supported features will be provided in the quotation.

Andrew Goldie

"Great dev team that we've been using for a good while now. Fast to respond and develop and will be using for the foreseeable future 👍"

IT & Systems Management at Gardener's Dream

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Track your orders, maintain accurate inventory, and sync customer data between systems to improve efficiency.

A carefully crafted dashboard UI will help you track and follow your workflows minute after minute. Get the status, details, timestamps and completion levels of your order exports.

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Gardener’s Dream Improved Functionality Of Their eCommerce Site To Facilitate Growth

Gardener’s Dream Improved Functionality Of Their eCommerce Site To Facilitate Growth

Published 2 years ago

Roseta suggested integrating both Etsy and Shopify to Volo as a means of streamlining both sales channels into one master system. Setting up an Etsy to Volo integration in addition to a Shopify to Volo integration links both marketplaces and syncs the data across the two sites so information such as stock levels is updated in real time. When the orders come in from both marketplaces they can be easily managed and dispatched from one central system.

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