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Why Sales Order Automation Cuts Costs And Drives Sales

Why Sales Order Automation Cuts Costs And Drives Sales

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5 months ago

eCommerce companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of automating their business processes to increase company productivity, improve overall customer satisfaction and drive sales. Simple integration workflows can sync up your business process systems to ensure the information your customers see on your eCommerce website is accurate and up to date.

In an online environment where competition is continuously growing, improving customer experience and securing brand loyalty is essential for growth. 


Why Automate Your Sales Order Process With

Why Automate Your Sales Order Process With

By automating operational processes a company can dedicate more time into the smooth running of a business and seamlessly adapt to business changes such as; objectives, systems, personnel, or working environments. After removing the human resources, automated systems provide the same level of output so you reduce costs and gain an instant ROI.

5 Reasons to Automate your Sales Order Process

1) Reduces human error and workload

It starts with automating essential operational processes by configuring software systems that take on the menial tasks that would otherwise be loaded upon personnel. This includes data entry / duplication and repetitive daily administrative tasks freeing up your workforce to focus on jobs that require a level of human interaction or creativity and reduces personnel costs.

2) Provides reliable data in real-time

Replacing personnel with automated systems not only mitigates or eliminates the risk of error, but also removes any time delay from data input and replicating data across numerous systems. 

3) Mitigates risk of overselling

If automating your inventory management systems, when stock levels are low the Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP system instantly sends a message to the eCommerce site so customers can see how many items are remaining or it updates the site if a product is completely out of stock. This eliminates the risk of overselling and removes the potential adverse brand impact  due to negative reviews.

4) Automatically provides personalised customer experience

An integrated network of systems across the business can link your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) so triggers are automatically sent to a customer when an item they have registered interested in is back in stock giving exclusive access to high-demand products to encourage return custom.

Automated sales order systems instantly sends said customer an order summary to confirm their purchase, building upon the customer relationship and increasing the chances of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

5) Runs seamlessly 365 days a year

All integrations are pre-programmed and replicated for every single customer on file, working 24/7 without being disrupted by employee absence. They work seamlessly in the background 365 days a year.

Grow Sales With Advanced Reporting Tools

Advanced eCommerce integrations such as those offered by, enable instant access to reporting tools providing companies with realistic and accurate indicators for sales forecasting and growth.

Reporting can provide deeper understanding of customer behaviour and a comprehensive insight into areas of growth whilst tracking purchasing trends. Access to these tools provides the Sales and Marketing Team with a deeper understanding of what products are selling quickly.

Instant reporting tools enable users to identify KPIs without the need for a dedicated member of staff inspecting numerous data sets for hours (or even days) on end. Integrated data sets compiled from ERP and CRM systems enable the marketing team to tailor campaigns based upon ‘best sellers’ and to target individual customers for up-selling.

Reporting is also a useful tool for monitoring which stock lines to discontinue to ensure sales continue to rise as operational costs continue to drop. 

Automating Your Sales Order Processes

Still wondering whether to automate your sales order processes? Here's a round up of ways you might benefit: reduced errors, savings on costs, increased efficiency and an overall better customer experience.

eCommerce trade is consistently expanding with new competitors on the market each day, improving customer experience and securing brand loyalty is essential for growth. 

Getting Started offers an array of ERP and CRM integration solutions including Hubspot, Volo, ChannelAdvisor and Khaos Control. We have speedy set up times, dedicated ongoing support, and around the clock efficiency.

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